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BRIGHT STRATEGIES Pty Ltd: we are professional business consultants in Pretoria Gauteng specializing in offering Company Registration, WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION (COID), Data and Tracing services to businesses in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion, surrounding areas in Gauteng and other provinces in South Africa. We offer a variety of services that can satisfy your needs at affordable cost.


We specialize in company registrations which takes about three to seven working days. The registration process is as follows:

- The first thing you need to do for company registration is to propose three possible names of your company.

-We will then submit the names reservation request to the Registrar of Companies on your behalf (electronic process).

- Subject to CIPC's administrative process and service delivery we will confirm your approved company name, we keep you updated on the results thereof via email and/or SMS.

- As soon as your company name has been reserved, we then proceed with the submission of the company registration documents. Your company will be registered within 3-7 working days thereafter.


Our approach is quite simple, we require that you give us a Power of Attorney and a Resolution. We will then be able to take up your case with the Commissioner's office.


All we need is access to you data, we analyse your data and identify key trend that will enable your company to make informed decisions, thereby gaining competitive advantage. Your data is stored securely and we will not be shared with anyone else.


We offer tracing services to companies and private individuals who need to source company or company director information, locate their missing debtors, debtors defaulting on their responsibilities. We also assist in tracing beneficiaries of unclaimed retirements or provident fund benefits.